Thursday, July 23, 2015


Today is tacos birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TACO! I love you bud. I can't believe you're 18! You've grown so much bro. Haha! Partayyyy! 

Also! I got to perform with my wild band Death Dis-Ease tonight! "WHO'S READY TO ROCKKK?!?!?" 

Taco Tuesday!

Today we had commons food again... But it was Tacos so it wasn't bad really. I cannot wait till thrursday when we get to go out to eat! I love tacos though so I'm going to enjoy the moment while it lasts! I also enjoy my ice cream 

Green Scream!

Green Team actually did win the Olympics! We are the best! I love the green team! WE WILL ROCK YOU! 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

GEAR UP For The Olympics

Green Team is going to kick butt today at the GEAR UP Olympics. We will be kicking butt and taking names later. We've practiced our hearts out and today is the day we will become champions! Them we can sing Champions by MGK while we strut our stuff! I cannot wait. I'll give updates later. LET'S GO GREEN TEAM! 


I so turnt up at the grea up party! I danced my heart out for two and a half hours. It was FANTASTIC! I feel like I got even closer with all my friends here. I so vote for us to do this again next week!! 

My Way Friday

Today I went to a gallery hop. It's the first one that I have been too and it was terrifically awesome!! I cannot wait to go to another one. I saw art from everywhere and made by everyone. Art is one of my favorite things to look at so the fact that gear up decided to make it an entire activity is amazing. I also took some great photos myself today. Maybe one day someone will be buying my photos at the gallery hop. 

Photo Mojo

I took some amazing photos in Photography class today. I feel like a pro. I know I'm a pro. I should so get paid!